Friday, November 6, 2015

Tips on Writing a Blog

Here are some good tips on writing a blog.

1. Always have a notebook. You will need a notebook so that you can write down some upcoming blog-
2. So people like to listen to music, I personally really enjoy listening to music while 
I am writing a blog post.
3. Always be prepared. You should always be prepared so that
you know what you are going to post and what you are going to say.
4. Pictures. I really like it when other bloggers post some pictures every once in a while.
5. Get inspired. A good way to get inspired is to look at other
blogs that you enjoy.
6. Be in a comfy spot. It really helps me when I am
in a spot where I feel comfortable.
7. Be in a good mood. Always try to be in a good mood when you
are writing a blog post.

                                         Thanks for reading,
                                                                   .....Offline xxx.....

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