Sunday, November 1, 2015

October Favorites 
This is going to be a long blog post because it is my OCTOBER FAVORITES!
So instead of me just writing on,and on, lets just get right into it.

So I already talked about my Beauty Blender
but I just really like it so I decided to show you guys again.

So again here is another repeated thing from my Makeup blog post
but again I just really like the Smashbox BB cream Consular.
And another repeat but I just love my Volumes Butterfly waterproof mascara.

I have really been enjoying the Decaf Coffee Frappuccino with
      Whip cream from Starbucks.
Also from Starbucks I have been enjoying the Raspberry Passion Tea 
Last I have really been enjoying the Naked drinks,
I really like the flavors mango,strawberry banana,and berry blast.

I really love lighting this amazing candle from Bath and Body Works, it is called
I really like to but my hair in a bun.
I love these socks from Pink.
I have really been enjoying wearing my Converse.

                               Thanks for reading,
                                                              .....Offline xxx..... 

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