Thursday, November 12, 2015

         Music I have been Enjoying

Here is a list of music I have been enjoying this month.

1.Can't Sleep Love by Pentatonix
2.Sing by Pentatonix
3.I'll show you by Justin Bieber
4.Afterlife by Grayson Chance
5.Talk me down by Troye Sivan
6.Love again by Pentatonix
7.Sorry by Justin Beiber
8. Justin Bieber's Christmas album
9.Any Beethoven song
10.Perfect by One Direction  
11.Confident by Demi Lovato 

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I love Fall.Fall is my favorite season.
I love the colors of the leaves,the clothes,and the weather.
I love the color of the leaves because where I live the trees turn these beautiful colors. Like
red or yellow and then the just FALL.
I love the clothes because you don't have to be wearing heavy coats but still something to keep
you warm. 
I love the weather because it is not freezing but it is still cold and it rains a lot so
it almost is always kinda dark and then you can wear comfy and cozy clothes.
I love fall.

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Thank you Readers

Sorry I didn't post yesterday.

Thank you for Reading my blog.On Sunday in the late afternoon my blog hit 100 page views.
Page views mean there have been people that have checked and read my blog 100 times.

This is a picture of where the population of my readers are.
Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States,Alaska,and Russia.

Thank you so much.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

What to do when you are Board

Here are some things to do when you are board.

1. Start a blog-Starting a blog does not take that long. And then you can
write a blog post in your free time.
2. Dance-It doesn't matter if you are not good at dancing but it is 
 a really fun thing to do when you are bored.
3. Listen to music-Listening to music is a perfect thing to
do when you are bored.
4.Read-I know a lot of people don't really like to read
but if you do then you can read when you are bored.
5.Watch YouTube-Watch YouTube

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fall Makeup

Here is some simple Fall Makeup.

First I put on my SmashBox BB cream concealer. I put the concealer under my eyes,on my nose,
in between my eyebrows, and any where that I had some spots. Then blended it in with my beauty blender.
SmashBox BB cream concealer in the shade light.

Next I put on some lighter concealer on my eye lids.And blended it in with my beauty blender.
COVERGIRL Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer - Deep 315/320
Found it:

Beauty Blender
Beauty Blender
Find it:

After that I put on my eye shadow. I used the Naked basics urban decay palette, the color I choose was the Naked 2.
Urban Decay Cosmetics
Find it:

Then I curled my eyelashes with my Tweezerman eyelash curler.
Classic Lash Curler
Find it:

Last I put on some mascara.
Volumes Butterfly Mascara
Find it:

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Tips on Writing a Blog

Here are some good tips on writing a blog.

1. Always have a notebook. You will need a notebook so that you can write down some upcoming blog-
2. So people like to listen to music, I personally really enjoy listening to music while 
I am writing a blog post.
3. Always be prepared. You should always be prepared so that
you know what you are going to post and what you are going to say.
4. Pictures. I really like it when other bloggers post some pictures every once in a while.
5. Get inspired. A good way to get inspired is to look at other
blogs that you enjoy.
6. Be in a comfy spot. It really helps me when I am
in a spot where I feel comfortable.
7. Be in a good mood. Always try to be in a good mood when you
are writing a blog post.

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Thursday, November 5, 2015


I am normally not the kind of person
who really enjoys classic music.
I not the kind of person who listens to Beethoven's music on repeat.
But lately I have really been enjoys his amazing talent of music.
As I am writing this I am listening to the Best of Beethoven.
And I can't hep but image amazing ballerinas dancing around
the stage to Beethoven's music.
It is just amazing.
Call me a crazy person or an old soul all
you want but it is just truly amazing.
Link to music:

Really he is just so extraordinary.
I love the way you can just close your eyes and relax to the 
lovely sound of music.
I know he is dead and mostly just old people
listen to it.
But again I really just love it.

                                             Thanks for reading,
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